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I am no saint, I smoke cannabis and on occasion I drink. But I know the definition of moderation and priorities. I make it a point not to put those things above anything else, I dont loose sense of the real world. If you are going to do any drugs research them, know what your getting yourself into. Doing acid when you know your not right in the head is suicide. I dont feel sorry for you and I cant believe that no one is pissed off that this happened. I dont judge no matter what kind of drugs you do, but its the stupidity that bothers me. Its your life and I have no say in what you do but think about what you mean to others.

How am I supposed to know that you bite your lip and do what I want to do if you have never told me you didn’t like it ! I’m not a fucking mind reader. I tell you when I don’t want to watch something you want to communication is key and you don’t want to say a fucking word!!

No just No

I don’t understand how you can feel the same way ! I work 60+ hours a week between both of my jobs and I am still taking college classes. You never went to college and you have one job that takes up about 30 hours a week!! Don’t tell me you know what it feels like to have no free time let alone no time to sleep! its not my fault you surround yourself with drama and become incased with it , that was your decision not mine! I moved out and became independent you moved out and are still acting like a high schooler! Grow the fuck up! The real world doesn’t give a shit about your petty problems that you blow out of proportion. You need to learn to deal with the stress you are dealt and end up on top.


Anonymous asked:

I might be getting the implant (a metal rod inserted into my arm to stop me getting pregnant when I have sex with my bf) so that we don't have to worry about protection - but it can have side effects like your boobs getting smaller, and I don't have big boobs anyway so I'm worried I'll end up look like I havnt hit puberty yet haha, I don't know what to do


I have never heard of any form of birth control to cause your breasts to get smaller. Birth control generally can cause some slight weight gain, thus making your breasts bigger. But either way, boobs are great no matter what size they are. Don’t worry. Preventing pregnancy is really what’s important. 


I have the implant for a year now and I can say that I haven’t gained any weight and my boobd have not gotten smaller, hell they got bigger ha. Now I know I’m just one person but I thought I would share.


I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.

Just need to vent

This girl at work claims that she had been living out of her car and that she was dirt broke, none of us thought any less of her. We thought this will be good for her she can get her life back on track. Well as the weeks went on we learned that she wasn’t using her paychecks for rent or even food she was shopping at designer stores, going out every night, smoking a lot of weed, and getting more and more tattoos. It also became clear that she had a very bad attitude problem she was causing tensions with our co-workers and our managers. Me and my manager saw her on her day off and he simply said to me” Some people have really messed up priorities”. She also liked to post naked pictures on Facebook and Instagram of herself, and not to mention she posted a lot of pictures of her smoking weed with is NOT a smart thing to do. I simply thought this is tasteless and degrades her but of course she wont get in trouble for it. She ended up quitting because she got into a fight with a fellow hostess because they didn’t invite her to go out with them, well she cause a scene then left telling everyone that she had quit, she came back an hour later begging my manager for her job back saying that she just needed to cool off. Thankfully he said no. Now she is posting on Facebook that she has court on the 14th and that she might go to jail and she has no money to pay her rent or to get her car fixed, etc. She created a fundraiser for her self so people can donate money to her. Now that is utterly pathetic , she had all the opportunity in the world to get her life back on track and she fucked it up. No one at my job hated her or wanted to cause problems with her she brought them on her self! Yea its not the best place to work but you get paid $9 an hour to stand there, its pretty easy money. But no she decided to quit because someone didn’t invite her on their night out. I feel no sympathy for her and I hope she gets kicked out of my friends house so maybe she can get her priorities in order and get her life back on track.

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